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Vendor Application

Please complete the application below in its entirety to be considered for a space. All applications will be reviewed, and those approved will receive an email inviting them to pay for their space to complete their reservation. Please note that a space will NOT be reserved until full payment has been made. Some business categories fill quickly, so we highly recommend prompt payment. Buy Michigan Now Members in good standing are entitled to a $50 discount on their festival participation.

This year, due to the existence of a Social District in Northville, which means some space in the streets is reserved all year by Northville merchants, available festival areas have been zoned into Standard, Deluxe and Premium spaces and priced accordingly, as noted below. Click here to view a map as a guideline for space selection.

Standard (areas appear in yellow on map)

Deluxe (areas appear in green on map)

Premium (areas appear in blue on map)

NOTE: Electrical access is not available in all areas. It is provided based specifically on highest need. If your company's ability to participate in the event is dependent on whether or not electricity is available, please indicate that information on the application, as we may not be able to grant all requests.

Contact Information

Space Options

Organization Information

Special Requests

Access to electricity is limited and will be provided, as available, based on highest level of need. Similarly, while we will do our best to honor geographic requests, the process of assigning specific spaces is extremely complex. Please be as specific and precise as possible when answering the remaining questions.